The Award Winning Easy-To-Use 1980s Video Game Sound Generator Plugin.

Make retro video game music and sound effects using the software of your choice.

No need to use old hardware or hard-to-use tracker programs.


NOTE: High Score runs in Native Instruments Kontakt 6 or later.  Preferred is Kontakt 7 or the free Kontakt 7 player. Kontakt will run inside your DAW of choice or stand-alone.

High Score


Anniversary Edition Preset Pack For High Score

This pack contains 76 retro video game presets for High Score. It contains all 65 of the original Kickstarter-Backer preset pack plus 11 all new presets.

NOTE: This pack requires the user to have a copy of High Score to be first installed.


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8-Bit Drums Preset Pack For High Score

This pack contains 65 retro video game drum presets for High Score including tempo-syncable drum patterns.

NOTE: This pack requires the user to have a copy of High Score to be first installed.


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Super Retro Preset Pack For High Score

High Score just got even better with the Super Retro Preset Pack.  

This pack contains 50 awesome ready-to-use presets for High Score -  full of 8-Bit goodness!

NOTE: This pack requires the user to have a copy of High Score to be first installed.


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High Score In The Press

High Score

Recreate the music and sounds of video games and computers from the 1980s with High Score, the essential 1980s video game sound generator.  High Score was designed from the ground up with ease of use in mind so you don't have to rely on using old vintage hardware or hard to use tracker programs.

High Score was funded from a successful Kickstarter campaign.  See the Kickstarter launch video below:

Extensive Preset Library

High Score come standard with 300 ready-to-use presets for your production.  Whether you want a chiptune arpeggio, a soaring lead, or a retro sound effect, High Score has you covered.

Randomize By Category

Find your inspiration with High Score's randomizer. Just choose from one of 10 retro-inspired categories and the randomizer will create a unique sound just for you.  Great for both musical sounds and retro 8-bit sound FX.

Step Arpeggiator

High Score's step arpeggiator let's you play patterns at the press of a single key. Play everything from fast chord arpeggios to slow patterns. The dual-16 step patterns sequence more than just pitch and volume. You can even chain the two patterns to have one long 32-step pattern. Each pattern can play up to 16 steps. The Step Arpeggiator is key-switchable for playing in real time.

The Sound

High Score's sound starts with the raw waveforms.  There are samples form classic computers and consoles that were chosen as the starting point for sound design with High Score.  Use High Score's three wave generators to mix and match sounds, create one-note chords and intervals, and more. Then use the rest of the generator and filter section craft your sound..

Custom Waves

Create your own custom 4-bit LoFi waveforms with the wave editor.

Use up to three different custom waveforms per preset, one for each wave generator.

Speech Sounds

High Score has retro-1980s computer speech sounds.  Three of the waveforms are speech vowel sounds that can be used like any of the other waveforms.  Two of the waveforms are banks of speech words and phrases (see the High Score user manual for the list of available words and phrases).  All of the speech sounds are sampled from a vintage TI-99/4A computer from the early 80s.

Built-In FX

High Score has two special built-in FX designed especially for creating vintage 1980s sounds.

Note Delay: The Note Delay repeats played notes.  Instead of using an audio delay effect, the Note Delay actually triggers new notes.  This effect was designed because computers and game consoles of the 8-bit era did not have a real DSP audio delay/echo effect.

Speaker Sim: The Speaker Sim makes the High Score sound like it's coming right from real vintage hardware.  The Speaker Sim has three presets: 1980s 9" Color Monitor, ZX Spectrum Computer, and a Gameboy.  The real original devices were used for creating this effect.


High Score runs stand-alone and also works in all major Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software and with most MIDI controllers.  If it works with Native Instruments Kontakt 6 it will work with High Score. See DAW maker websites for system compatibility and requirements.

  • Apple Logic Pro X
  • Apple Garage Band
  • Steinberg Cubase
  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Ableton Live
  • Reason Studios Reason
  • Image-Line FL Studio
  • Cockos Reaper
  • Presonus Studio One
  • Bitwig Studio
  • Renoise
  • And More...

Made for Kontakt Player

Minimum Requirements: Most recent version of Kontakt 6 or the free Kontakt 6 player.  
Preferred: Kontakt 7 or the free Kontakt 7 player.

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NKS Ready

High Score is fully NKS compatible with all Native Instruments S-Series Keyboards and Maschine products.  Download the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol app to use the NKS features.

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Install Via Native Access

Download and Install High Score using Native Access, the same app you use to install all Native Instruments software.  

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