Artist Spotlight: Chase Bethea

Chase Bethea

Chase Bethea, Los Angeles Video Game Composer

Chase Bethea is a Los Angeles freelance Composer/Technical Audio Designer for Video Games and a variety of other Media. He has been working professionally in the industry for ten years and has shipped 20 games thus far.  Chase is also a prolific speaker on music and sound for video games and has presented at multiple conferences including: PAX, GameSound Con, Berklee College of Music, ECGC, Pixel Pop Festival, Game Devs of Color, ADC (Audio Developers Conference),A2IM, Indie Game Business and EPOS gaming.

Chase has recently started using High Score in his compositions:

"I love it so much! High Score is simultaneously versatile, intuitive and complex. It's refreshing to have some 8 bit instruments all in one place that I can use digitally to recreate the tracks that the 80s and  90s video game composers used when I was child. High Score has leveled up my sound! Now, I can continue to bring nostalgia to the game players and projects that I compose for while adding my signature for the future of game audio."

You can visit Chase's website here and learn more about him and his great music here: Chase Bethea

Chase Bethea, Los Angeles Video Game Composer